Thursday, April 15, 2010

A greenhouse built with reclaimed materials

Frost season is nearly upon us. So cladding the greenhouse has been a priority. However not wanting to rack up my hardware account or buy new materials, I've been patiently waiting for an alternative to arrive.

Then, a few days ago, Zeph and I were asked to demolish the front laserlight wall of a friend's workshop, as he needs to expand the space. We lucked in big time as Pete gave us the very useful and strong laserlight, along with the hardwood framing material that we'll use for another project. Thanks Pete! Today I was able to clad, or rather semi-clad, the greenhouse.

A few nights ago we thought we were going to have the first frost and I placed the laser light and some salvaged plastic from the building site next door over as much of the pumpkin patch as I could.

Just a few more weeks and we'll have a wonderful harvest, but a heavy frost now will end it all. So on cold, clear and still nights (like this one) I need to set the alarm and get up and hose down the frost before the sun burns the leaves and ends the months of growth for nothing.

After I finished installing the laser light I planted celery, pak choy, mini cauliflower, leek and cabbage underneath.


Simon said...

Heartening to see your little homestead expanding. And I love it when stuff we want just comes along.

Hugo said...

These are wonderful tips... I'm in the opposite hemisphere and we're just planting at the moment but you've given me some nice ideas for our own winter. Your reuse of materials is especially pleasing in these days of throw-it-all-to-hell consumerism. Keep doing what you're doing!

Unknown said...

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Jade Graham said...

just nudge the saw guide a bit, and run the wood through multiple times for a slightly wider groove each time.

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