Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Co-op? Yes please

Cubans today consume about 80% organic food. The food is for everyone, not just for a wealthy few, and as a result diabetes rates are extremely low. Compare this to Australia where only about 4% of the food consumed is organic, often only afforded by the wealthy, in a country that has one of the highest rates of diabetes on the planet. Many of us in this wee community have for some time spoken about the desire for an organic food co-op with an emphasis on local produce. But action hasn't come... until now. Thanks to the energy of those pictured below (Sebastian Klein and Julian Blackhirst) we have a chance at realising this essential community asset.

A COMMUNITY push to form a wholefoods co-operative in Daylesford has gained momentum. A meeting will be held at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre on April 26 to gauge interest in the idea and to formulate a plan for getting the idea off the ground. Read on here.

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