Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Car! Suburban garden design (winter 2011)

NB: Driveway becomes an orchard, and eventually the continuation of the quarter acre food forest.

I did this little sketch coming back from Tassie a month or two ago to prioritise the jobs that needed doing before spring. We now have bud burst and most of these things have been done, although still waiting for the Nothofagus that we ordered a month ago.


Angie said...

You're an unusual soul. Bit elusive. Can't find your name, nor see your face, but your bottom looks nice hanging from the dead tree construction.
I was stepmum to a nine year old once. She's 25 and precious. when she was 15 she was not as precious. Nor at 18. Hang in there, Meg, it can get hurtful for a while.
We are older treechangers in Melb's outer burbs with a permie garden underway, and it's nice to see your stuff. Like you we won't fly anymore, so the big job's gone, and the kid's private school, &c.
We even started a blog: www.cultivatingreslience.net.au.
It's nice to meet you,

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.....