Sunday, April 15, 2012

The winter planting

While there's still warmth in the soil I thought I'd sow direct these heirlooms into our newly revamped produce area. In winter it is a sun trap until about 2pm.

Row one (closest to the house).

Row two.

Row three.

Row four.

Row five.

Before I sowed I turned over the soil with dolomite lime and blood and bone

Before laying down some straw and watering it all in. Around two sides Meg planted broad beans which we can tie against the fence.

Now with our winter seeds planted, our autumn produce booming (to the left and all around the garden), our summer onions, garlic, artichokes and potatoes stored in the cellar, and autumn and summer's fruit preserved in bottles or sun dried, we're ready for the cold dark spell.

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Serge said...

I think that you'll need to construct something which would protect your crops from too much snow, like a shed or something to cover from much snow for instance.