Friday, October 8, 2010

Last quarter moon phase, beets and Zero

We've just harvested our first beet for the season, grown in the greenhouse over winter. We grated it raw over a fresh weeds salad a few nights ago. Delicious! We know our soils are getting better when our root vegetables start kicking deep.

Speaking of soils, Meg, Zeph and I have been turning over new beds, collecting horse manure and composting throughout this last quarter of the moon cycle – traditionally a good time to attend to the soil, but not to plant. Today marks the new moon first quarter, time to get our corn and potatoes in.

And here is the newest member of the Artist as Family – Zero. Companion and household love-bundle mainly, however we hope to employ him in rabbiting duties to contribute to our feral food supply system when he's older. Catching rabbits is something his parents are extremely good at we're told.

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