Monday, February 2, 2009

The garden cops a beating

After a week of record breaking temperatures, some of our food supplies are being knocked around. Where are the wild chickpeas and ancient grains that can withstand extreme temperatures? They may be all we can grow in years to come.

Visit the Seed Hunter here to give you an idea of what's most likely to come.


anon ((silent j (oh what the heck, make the m silent too!))) said...

You'd wither away on that diet! Do you really think that when it comes to the crunch, that these wild chick peas are going to give us all enough to live on? Those ancient varieties were left in the dark ages for a reason..because they are almost inedible and small to boot..well, having said that, I haven't eaten one, and I bet you haven't either. But if I try to imagine a more primitive version of the modern day chickpea without the added flavorings..hmm, lets not go there. Also, you need water to cook chickpeas, so if we are short of that..what do you suggest? Suppose there is besan flour that makes things with very little water. What about the degradation of soil quality vs human lifetime? I think that deserves some air time.

Permapoesis said...

'where do i begin and end in space?'

aerobic compost!


organic matter –


a i r p l a y